What is the Bottega de Jà?

A tales collection. Tales conveyed into music, however. Improvisation. Random encounters. All in a tiny workshop, the one of Grandpa Jà. The same “seaport” as well. Because here music comes into the world, piece by piece, when the wood still has a tree scent. The bellows open, music begins, the instrument goes away. Then, sometimes, it comes back. Along with friends, new stories and always accompanied by music. So, when someone passes by, we'll make an effort to narrate a bit of these different worlds, improvising together. We've started a short while back and you can take a peek at them. Yes, you can watch them, since they are videos, but, most importantly, listen to them. We'd like to tell and share all of it with you. But simply this way, the way it has always been. A little by chance, a bit for love.

Massimiliano Morabito Massimiliano Morabito Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
François Heim François Heim
Simone Bottasso Simone Bottasso Duo Bottasso
Janick Martin Janick Martin Duo Hamon Martin
Didier Laloy Didier Laloy Duo Belem
Will Pound Will Pound
Riccardo Tesi Riccardo Tesi Banditaliana
Lamorivostri Lamorivostri